Accept technology or be left behind

Accept technology or be left behind
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KUCHING: People must accept technological changes as the world enters Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) or else get left behind.

Serba Dinamik Sdn Bhd chairman Abdul Kadier Sahib made this call saying that with IR4.0, everyone will be affected and so they must accept the changes.

“This is the reason why we organised Sarawak Beyond Paradigm Summit 2019 — to make people aware of technology and IR4.0,” he said during the launch of the event at Pullman Hotel, yesterday.

People had pointed out that Serba Dinamik is not an information technology (IT) player, so why would the company want to organise the event?

Abdul Kadier said, “People don’t seem to understand that IT is just not for IT people. Everybody will be into IT; either you get it or be left out.

“If you look at Ali Baba, you think of Jack Ma, and he is not an IT person. He was a teacher. Similarly, Serba Dinamik, a subsidiary of Serba Dinamik Holdings; none of us are IT players. We come from different backgrounds,” he stressed.

But, he said, the company took the lead to adopt technology in its business 10 years ago and it has gone far in the industry.

“We started small, and is now growing bigger because we get the right people and started acquiring companies that have the best technologies and their business is closely related to our core business. The companies are in Europe, India, and Singapore.

“Our thinking was simple; we want to buy a company and make use of its technology and then bring it to Malaysia especially Sarawak,” he stressed, adding that the company has able to generate an income of RM3.2 billion last year.

He added that Serba Dinamik’s IT business had an income of RM6 million, and as demand for technologies increases, the company is confident to generate an income of RM150 million.

“And we have a system in Selangor where people do not have to queue up to pay for their parking ticket. All they do is just scan their tickets using their phones.

“We want to bring this system to Sarawak as they support it. And we’re looking into the possibility to include Sarawak Pay in it,” he said.

He stressed as the world shift into digital technology, businesses need to adapt to the change as well.

“We need to do business in a completely different way. There has to be no monopoly, because that can never last.”

Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad is a Sarawak company established in 1993.

Through its subsidiaries, it provides engineering solutions servicing the oil and gas and power generation industries with operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and United Kingdom.

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