Borneo Agriculture Project

Borneo Agriculture Project
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Agriculture Project in Borneo

KUCHING (Sept 19): The idea of this project is to help local farmers in Borneo especially Sarawak. This project is intiated by ENACTUS UNIMAS in collaboration with and StartUp Borneo.

ENACTUS UNIMAS, an entrepreneur community in UNIMAS have started collecting inputs and gathered data in order to develop the Agriculture Project in Borneo. Some business dealers are gaining significant amount of sales and not distributing reasonable profits back to the farmers.

Figure 1: The Agriculture Project is an initiative to help local farmers in Borneo.

Among the agricultural products that were available and being reported by local farmers is pineapple. However, due to factory standards and requirements most of the pineapples are not being processed and thrown away. This has caused huge lose among the community especially farmers that are from the M40 and B40 or low income families.

Accordingly, ENACTUS UNIMAS hope that the community especially students and locals in Sarawak are able to figure out solutions to overcome this crisis.

ENACTUS UNIMAS would like to welcome anyone interested to join this fight for equity and help to bridge the income gap inequality among communities in the country. Om Shanti. 🙂


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