Aspire 500 Conference, Cashing in on E-Wallets

Aspire 500 Conference, Cashing in on E-Wallets
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Photo about the keynote speakers during the conference.

Photos during the discussion.

E-wallets becoming a trend in Malaysia, most of the speakers encourage the audience to use E-wallets. 

Touch & Go CEO, Mr. Syahrunizam shared about his experience working as an entrepreneur to innovate new technologies for Touch & Go, looking for possible ways to keep it local as possible.  He mentioned that we need to see in a different way because there will be a lot more exciting during the journey. In addition, Mr. Syahrunizam gives some perspective about building loyalty like changing the narrative data that is required to give back to the customers, and successes on youth through their own innovation.

Co-founder of Fave, Mr. Yeoh spoke that the youngest always come with spirit. The main focus on his services is easy, better and faster. His advice is to try to be different, think and stretch them (*putting ideas into the actions). 

Boost encourages to build a startup culture, understanding the data and pattern. The director of strategy and development of Boost eWallet, Ms. Aiza Ahmad experiences told that we should not be afraid about our failure. We must put our heart into making a change (*making an impact in people), pushing ourselves out from the comfort zone. 

Mr. Remy from Maybank shared about customer’s behavior, what kind of growth and ecosystem through understanding. He mentioned about the key issues are the cost of accepting the payment and showing the transparency (*which telling customers that there are no hidden charges in any transaction)

* Some interesting and fun points worth to be shared with readers here:

1. As a boss, try not to ask: “Where would you be in 5 years?” – From Mr. Syahrunizam

2. Recruit yourself first – From Mr. Syahrunizam

3. Maximize your best – From Ms. Aiza Ahmad

4. Think and Stretch – From Mr. Yeoh

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