BPHB introduces UTAP Transformation Journey to enhance work culture

BPHB introduces UTAP Transformation Journey to enhance work culture
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BINTULU: In an effort to enhance the culture of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) among its management team and staff, Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad (BPHB) recently launched the ‘UTAP Transformation Journey’.

The event held at Bintulu Port Authority auditorium was attended by about 300 members of BPHB staff and management.

Among those attending the launch were BPHB board members Salihin Abang and Dato Sri Mohamed Khalid Yusuf.

According to BPHB Group chief executive officer Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, ‘utap’ means ‘shield’ in the Vaie, or the local Bintulu dialect, as it symbolises the weapon used by local heroes as a defence against enemy attacks while in close combat.

“In this context, the UTAP project is described as a shield that can protect the company from a variety of threats that could adversely affect the company’s viability,” Medan pointed out in his opening address.

He said ‘the shield’ represented the three layers of defence – the first layer being the managers as work process owners or risk owners; the second line being the functions in management such as risk management; and the third defence is the internal audit department.

He stressed that this improvement and changes were necessary for the survival of the organisation.

Medan said UTAP was based on good governance that demanded a change in attitude and thinking.

“Good governance is one of the variables for the achievement of the company’s vision and mission, which was launched in February 2018,” he added.

Meanwhile Salihin, who is the BPHB Audit and Risk Committee chairman, emphasised on the importance of achieving balance in the aspect of environmental protection, social responsibility and profitability.

He said in pursuit of earning profit for the company, one should not neglect social responsibility and cause environmental pollution.

“Therefore, good governance is required so that the balance can be achieved,” he added.

In this regard, Salihin stressed that good governance could be achieved should a company is able to incorporate the GRC culture into its day-to-day tasks.

He also emphasised the phrase ‘Do It Right – a slogan for the UTAP Transformation Journey.

Specifically, he said the slogan meant that company employees would be able to cultivate the right course of action, while correcting a common practice.

BPHB has appointed Ernst & Young Advisory Services Sdn Bhd as a consultant for the UTAP Transformation Journey.

At the launch, all staff and management personnel took part in the integrity pledge led by BPHB Human Resources Management general manager Azmel Khan Asghar Khan.

By Abdul Qaiyum Alidin

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