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Persatuan Sukan Elektronik Negeri Sarawak, also known as Sarawak Esports Association (SESA) has introduced Esports in Sukan Sarawak 2019 (SUKSAR II), the largest sports event held by the Sarawak Government. This is also the first time esports is recognised as a competitive sport in the State level.
Sukan Sarawak Esports Category was held from 9th December to 13th December at Eternity Esports Arena, Miri, Sarawak. Over the course of 5 days, we saw athletes from various cities in Sarawak participating in 3 different Esports games. YB Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew (Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture) officiated the closing ceremony of SUKSAR II and the prize giving ceremony of SUKSAR II 2019 (ESPORTS).

The objective to introduce Esports into SUKAN SARAWAK (SUKSAR II) is to scout for talented players from Sarawak to prepare for SUKMA 2020 in Johor. SESA is working towards development of Esports in Sarawak to build up a more mature and healthy gaming culture in the local community via various collaborations with the Sarawak State Government as well as private entities. SESA hopes to groom more homegrown professional E-athletes and to provide a more conducive ecosystem to craft Esports as a career choice for future generations.
As Esports are getting more recognition around the globe, we are grateful that Sarawak Government has been giving full support in growing the Esports industry locally.
SUKSAR II 2019 Esports has offered 4 medal games to be competed among 4 respective zones for the championship. The medal games are DOTA2, Mobile Legend Bang Bang, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (Single) and (Duo). These games will be included in SUKMA 2020 as well. E-athletes who won medals in SUKSAR will be eligible to be entered onto the longlist of SUKMA Sarawak representatives and will undergo a series of filtering and training. Upon successful completion of the required training, e-athletes will then be shortlisted to represent Sarawak in the upcoming SUKMA 2020.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (Single)

Gold – Zon Utara
– Alif Zulhaikal Bin Ashamdi

Silver -ZonSelatan
– Mohammad Aima Radzy Bin Affendi

Bronze – Zon Tengah
– Al Hanif Bin Mashibahudin

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (Duo)

Gold – Zon Selatan
– Muhammad Arish Syameer
– Mohammad Aima Radzy

Silver – ZonUtara
– Alif Zulhaikal Bin Ashamdi
– Izz Qhairill Naufal Bin Isiwan

Bronze – Zon Tengah
– Al Hanif Bin Mashibahudin
– Nur Hidayat Bin Morhaiji

Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB)

Gold – Zon Selatan
– Mohd Hisyammudin Bin Hassim
– Aidil Fiqrie Bin Abdullah
– Hazmiran Bin Ismail
– Muhammad Qashan Qhamaroul Bin Roslan
– Mohd Ridzuan Bin Mohd Asroy

Silver – Zon Barat
– Abang Zulfazlie Bin Abang Sukri
– Anas Shah Bin Wahi
– Mohd Zulkuzairi Bin Kiflly
– Sabhan Rafie Bin Abdullah Mohamad Rabinie – Wong Tou Yew

Bronze – Zon Tengah
– Mohd Atif Zafri Bin Awaludin
– Mohd Ezzauddin Bin Abdullah
– Nasiun Fadwandi Bin Brahim
– Muhammad Iffitri Bin Muhammad Nazidin
– Muhammad Izzwan Bin Muhammad Nazidin


Gold- Zon Selatan
– Idy Chew Heang Yhang
– Phua Yu Chin
– Alben Chong Rui Shen
– Alvin Chong Rui Yuan
– Andy Bong Chun Kiat

Silver – Zon Utara
– Razin Bin Izzam
– Yohanes Ninkan Anak Anderson
– Aaron Khoo Yee Hung
– Douglas Tului Lusat
– Franklyn Nyaring Anak Along

Bronze- Zon Tengah
– Enzo Wong How Loong
– Justin Wong Kee Soon
– Law Zi Huei
– Ryan Chen Yi
– Samuel Ling Pin Jie

Sarawak Sports Corporation
Majlis Sukan Negeri Sarawak
YB Karim Hamzah
YB Snowdan Lawan

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