Covid-19 a turning point to boost digitalisation in civil service – PSD DG

Covid-19 a turning point to boost digitalisation in civil service – PSD DG
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PUTRAJAYA (Jan 13): The Covid-19 pandemic can be the turning point to boost the digitalisation of civil service in the country, according to Public Service Department director-general Tan Sri Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman.

In his virtual 2021 message entitled ‘Facing Challenges, Beyond Expectation’ today, he said there was a need to integrate various government services under one platform with smart application to ease the business.

“Prior to this, we have numerous platforms to manage pensions, leave, study applications, loan payments and other matters. I hope we will be able to incorporate all services under one platform with a smart application which can be integrated with other government applications.

“With this, customers can focus on using only one service platform to complete their businesses with the government, namely, through the centralised online service,” he said.

Mohd Khairul Adib said an organisation could succeed if it could see and meet the expected demands of the future while companies that did not adapt quickly would be left behind and fail.

He gave an example of Kodak, a giant company in photography that almost went bankrupt due to its failure to see the world of photography changes towards digitalisation.

“It’s the same with civil service. We have to be able to see and understand the changes involving our main customers (the Malaysian population),” he said.

Mohd Khairul Adib added that the Malaysian demographic was changing, whereby the Statistics Department projected that the percentage of the population aged 60 and above would increase from five per cent in 2010 to 15 per cent to 2030.

“Malaysia will be an ageing nation by 2030. The changes in demographic and other aspects, such as technology, will create a new era for the civil service,” he said. – Bernama

[Source: “Covid-19 a turning point to boost digitalisation in civil service – PSD DG” published by BorneoPost Online]
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