D-Virtual Park an ecosystem to channel creativity

D-Virtual Park an ecosystem to channel creativity
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Source: Published by Clement Erik Wong from New Sarawak Tribune on March 11, 2020.

A briefing by Abdul Qaiyum on the facilities available at D-Virtual Park.

KUCHING: In line with Sarawak’s Digital Economy strategy, virtual reality (VR) technology will become an increasingly important and accessible tool in various industries as we move towards realising Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), according to Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (Azam Sarawak).

In an effort to become familiarised with the potentials of this technology in realising Sarawak’s digital economy, Azam Sarawak, Sarawak Development Institute (SDI) and Faradale Media-M (FMM) board members and staff organised a familiarisation visit to D-Virtual Park in Kota Samarahan yesterday.

“This is the new lifestyle and community hub that can boost creativity and innovation. Thus, the establishment of Serba DigitalX (SDx) as an innovation and creative hub will become a hotspot for talent and creative community to work on projects and share ideas.

“This initiative will not only provide an ideal environment for makers, creators, innovators, but also position Sarawak as the preferred location for startups to grow globally,” said Serba Dinamik IT Solutions Sdn Bhd general manager of operation Abdul Qaiyum Alidin.

Located at Serba Dinamik facilities and Smart Hub in Kota Samarahan, the site also houses the Serba DigitalX FabLab (community and innovation lab) and SDx Studio (co-working space) which are among the key developments of the Smart-Integrated Project which includes the one-of-a-kind D-Virtual Park, ESports Arena, and D-Tamu (digital kiosks for hawker centres and local traders).

D-Virtual Park also offers a variety of VR entertainment including a VR Speed Cruiser, VR Elevation D’Luxe, VR Gyrate, VR Gatling Gun. VR Knight Rider, and many more.

“Besides being an amusement centre, the idea behind D-Virtual Park is to create an ecosystem for the younger generation to be able to channel their creativity and it will be beneficial for many people,” he added.

Apart from familiarising members with the facilities, the visit was also to explore potential collaborations and linkages between Serba Dinamik and the greater Azam group in future programmes and activities.

A total of 23 board members and staff of Azam Sarawak, SDI and FMM participated in this visit. Azam Sarawak board members attended include its acting chairman Datuk William Patrick Nyigor, honorary secretary Mohamad Ariff Irwani Azahari, board members Datuk Norhyati Mohd Ismail, Alice Wee as well as Azam Sarawak and SDI chief executive officer Lelia Sim and FMM managing director Dr Maria Corazon-Cortez.

To be officially launched on March 23, D-Virtual Park will be the first VR theme park in Borneo.

It is understood that the official launch of D-Virtual Park will also see various memorandum of understandings signed between Serba Dinamik and other agencies.

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