Enactus World Cup Updates 2020

Enactus World Cup Updates 2020
This year’s Enactus World Cup had ended today, our team had learned from a lot of events through the live broadcasts with various leaders around the world.
No worries if you did not attend last week, just register yourself through this link below. There are various live broadcast recordings available for you to watch. Do bring your pen and notebook to jot down the important details from the broadcast.
Congratulations to all winners who had won the Enactus World Cup 2020, 1Race4Ocean, and 77-Second Film Fest. Your investment of time to motivate, challenge, and inspire; gave us inspiration to move forward toward a better, more sustainable world for everyone.
P.S. to New Members: Feel free to learn more about how they succeed, and how they cultivate the seed problem around them into bigger solutions at social media like Enactus+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
Enactus World Cup 2020 Champion–> Al-Azhar University (Egypt), Chito-Shrimp
1 Race 4 Ocean–> Wilfred Laurier University (Canada), EarthSuds
77-Second Film Festival–> Shri Pam College of Commerce, Project Asbah

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