Facebook Is Building A City For Its Employees

Facebook Is Building A City For Its Employees
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Right in the heart of silicon valley, Facebook is cooking up a big new project to expand its Menlo Park campus into what can only be described as a fully-fledged town.

Since humble beginnings in Zuckerberg’s Havard dorm room, Facebook HQ has passed through a number of short-lived locations. Rapid growth led to years of hopping from one office to another; however, the roots are only getting deeper in their current location – and it’s not hard to see why.

Facebook’s campus sits in a not so little corner of Palo Alto, and the entirety of its construction has been built around the wellbeing of the people that make the company tick, the employees.

Stepping away from canning workers into grey cubicles like sardines, Facebook’s HQ follows an open plan, natural light-filled, home away from home approach that encourages creativity, collaboration, and good vibes only.

Close to the banks of San Francisco Bay, facebook’s Menlo park or ‘MPK’ campus sprawls across hundreds of acres and is split into 3, soon to be 4 sections.

[Source: “Facebook Is Building A City For Its Employees” published by Tech Vision]
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