FROM FARM TO FORK On 16 January 2020, our TERAJU team was flattered by the warm …

On 16 January 2020, our TERAJU team was flattered by the warm …
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On 16 January 2020, our TERAJU team was flattered by the warm welcome of Puan Siti Hayu Binti Dato’ Dr. Haji Ramly, Director of Ramly Group and her esteemed management team during their recent visit to Ramly Food Industries Sdn Bhd’s new food processing plant at Pulau Indah.

The new processing plant spreads across 14 acres of land at Selangor Halal Hub, that’s nearly the size of 7 football fields! Divided into two parts, 8 acres of land are for production lines, cold rooms and office facilities and 6 acres for logistics facilities and waste water management. Phase 1 of this plant will have 4 production lines for their well-known burger, frankfurter, nugget & meatball. Did you know that each line has the capacity of a 5 metric ton per hour to produce up to 240 metric ton per day at full capacity?! That’s like producing about 500,000 of their 420gm packets of burger patties … per day!!

The food processing plant is designed and planned to be fully automated, adopting IR 4.0 whereby the technology will be useful for Predictive Maintenance, hence, lower operation costs and less downtime.

During the site visit, TERAJU team was briefed on Ramly Group’s Halal Poultry Ecosystem: From Farm to Fork. The Ecosystem consists of 5 main activities which are Hatchery, Feed Mill, Broiler, Processing Plant (Slaughter House) & Retail. For this project, the grant assistance from TERAJU will be utilised to ensure modern broiler farm to be built considering the elements such as closed house, automated feeder, elevated floor and the use of IoT as part of traceability & monitoring activities. Looks like Ramly Group’s Farm to Fork is moving towards sustainable food processing, well done!

Leading our troop, our Chief Executive Officer, En Md Silmi shared his aspirations on Ramly’s moving forward plans and to possible future challenges touching on sustainable organisation management, succession planning, the use of green technology and proper certification and compliances when venturing into global markets. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we look forward to visiting the new processing plant again in April 2020 for its testing and commissioning.

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