Google-form for registration : *See you there!* To all local small businesses…

Google-form for registration :  
*See you there!*

To all local small businesses…
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[ad_1] Google-form for registration :
See you there!

To all local small businesses and farmers,

In collaboration with Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation, Serba DigitalX has brought to you a free training which will be held virtually for you during your stay at home, Digital Tamu Training!

This training will be delivered exclusively by our own startup Timogah.

Timogah has been on the go in digitalizing the market which is in parallel to this modernize and cyber era.

Interested in joining but not quiet there? Hold your horses people cause things are getting better. For this free training, participants will be able to choose which module they would like to participate in either of the two modules below:

Module 1 : Introduction to E-Commerce
Module 2 : Sales and Finance

You can join for both modules instead of limited to just one module!
P/s : Many more modules is to come so you gotta be aware of our future post! đŸ˜‰

To find out the schedule of the modules you can refer to the poster provided above. Whereas to register for the module, you can fill in your details in the google form link provided below

Google-form :
See you there!


By Abdul Qaiyum Alidin

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