INSTAGRAM LIVE: COVID-19 Impact and Youth

INSTAGRAM LIVE: COVID-19 Impact and Youth
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Samarahan: 4 April 2020, Serba DigitalX continue their journey with simple and insightful Instagram Live together with forward looking representatives from Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and Bakat Kamek. This Instagram Live focusing more on youth community and to share on how to spend time during the Movement Restriction Order.

Prof. Ir. Dr. Al-Khalid, from Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and iR Radzi Jamali, from Bakat Kamek started with very informative sharing from both them on how the young generation can be more creative and to explore their personal ability while at home. Abdul Qaiyum as a moderator for this session was very happy to have this two-notable speakers with their own unique experience and perspective for viewers to take-home.

Very informative session when they shared on how instructor could explore together with students in university or any learning or educational activities can be organised in more innovative way as they are unable to reach them face to face. “Teachers can have imaginative education session like creating a hologram or green screen, besides this way can enhance mood of their students as well during online class” said Prof Al-Khalid. In addition, Prof Al Khalid encourage community to learn digital marketing and produce good informative content and spread a great influence among the community thus they can earn some profit consequently that will be benefited to support their living cost for their family.

Mentioned by Ir Radzi, “just by fingertips, youth can explore and produce creative content such as TikTok, this mobile application getting hits nowadays especially during MCO. They can dance, talk, sharing knowledge as well as using their creative talent to inform their viewers and attract more followers. Answering question from viewers, Ir Radzi suggest whoever good in music and can write good song, this is the time to spend more time to strengthen your ability. “Find a right moment and be creative in music” he said while promoting his latest song “Go Ahead”.

Abdul Qaiyum give a sharing thought on eSports among the young generation how they can help and accelerate their gaming skills. This might be a full opportunity for them to seize the chance, build their own audience like joining eSports online tournament and becoming a streamer. Not only becoming a streamers or gamers, they can also be an eSport t consultant as they can advise the gamers on how to be a better eSport player.

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