Launching of SARA-X

Launching of SARA-X
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Photo taken before the launching starts.

SARA-X or Sarawak Experts just launched during the CENTEXS – SMA SAFARI 2019 (Petra Jaya), the mission of this app is providing experts to your doorstep.

The application for this app is a digital platform to empower local communities in various services in different fields like electrical, grass cutting, runner service and many more.

Abang Johari launch the CENTEXS – SMA SAFARI 2019 in PCC Demak

Sara-X is started by a local company named Gago Sdn Bhd with the collaboration from Centexs Commercial Services (CSS). He figured that the missing link for graduates in vocational training centres is a solid platform that they can fall onto once completed. Therefore, teaming up with Centexs Commercial Services (CSS) is one effort done by SARA-X to secure certified skilled workers for its service providers. Truly when one uses the app one can be safely assure that the user will have money well spent on the requested task.

The app is only completed at the end of the year. The apps can be downloaded free in Google Play Store and Apple Store. There is no subscription fee upon registration.

For those who are interested to be a service provider, you have to subscribed with SARA-X as a service provider. Each service requested by a user of SARA-X will have a fix price on it. The service provider will have 90% of profit made and SARA-X will have 10% for maintainance of the platform.

Welcome to support our local efforts by downloading Sara-X Instant Provider in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Photo about the founder of Sara-X, Mr Kamarul with Abang Johari

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