Malaysia-ASEAN Entrepreneurs day: Students capture the spirit of entrepreneurship

Malaysia-ASEAN Entrepreneurs day: Students capture the spirit of entrepreneurship
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KUALA LUMPUR, 8 March 2019 – Instilling entrepreneurship mindset and qualities among students may be considered paramount or of similar importance with equipping them with the knowledge of their fields. Students should not therefore confine their minds in wanting to become mere job seekers, rather, they should step forward to become job creators.

Hari Usahawan Malaysia-ASEAN (HUMA) – Malaysia-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Day 2019 was held on Tuesday (5 March) at Mahkota Hall, SME Corp, Platinum Sentral. It was a collaboration between Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs (MAAYE) and the Entrepreneurship Secretariat of IIUM’s Student Representative Council (SRC) 2018/2019.

Its aims were in line with acknowledging potential entrepreneurs and arranging a platform for students to hone their entrepreneurship skills and knowledge, apart from extending their network to experience the world of entrepreneurship.

The event was participated by a group of enthusiastic IIUM students who were committed to enhance their business skills and to learn the crafts from remarkable personalities in entrepreneurial setting.

Chairperson of SRC’s Entrepreneurship Secretariat, Mohamed Azmudeen bin Barrat Husain, was among the head volunteers who envisioned the opportunities and had efficiently dispersed the task to his team, who were members of entrepreneurship society, Youth Business League (YBL), a subordinate to MAAYE.

The event was themed “regional entrepreneurship in the new economy”, focusing on leapfrogging and emerging industries such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, smart agriculture and E-sports.

Notable at the event was the founder of MAAYE himself, Syed Nabil Aljeffri, who apprehensively acted as the organiser alongside advisor of this event.

The Minister of Entrepreneur Development, Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof, was present in the open dialogue session discussing matters that touched on the emerging industry and the economy in the ASEAN countries, which was later followed by an all-ASEAN session involving speakers from ASEAN countries.

“While at the young age especially as students, they should come fast forward and explore more business opportunities and equip themselves with entrepreneur traits for their own benefits,” Syed Nabil said.

Meanwhile, exhibitors and entrepreneurs were using the event to create awareness of their brands by displaying their products to the guests and visitors to draw the attention of potential stakeholders to involve with their products or services.

TVSRC, which acted as media partner for the event, played a substantial role in promoting the event through participation of its chief reporter, Nur Farahin Mohmad Zainol, to provide coverage of the event.

Mohamed Azmudeen said, “This event has opened up opportunities for students or young entrepreneurs to succeed further and learn directly from business leaders.”

“Entrepreneurship related societies such as the Youth Business League should be created in all universities and more entrepreneurship EXCOs should actively represent their university,’’ he added.

The event had sparked a feeling of joy and success where participants were assured to develop their new business ideas and follow the current trends. As this has been made possible, it was suggested that ASEAN organisations collaborate to hold the next Malaysia-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Day in future. ***

[Source: “Malaysia-ASEAN Entrepreneurs day: Students capture the spirit of entrepreneurship” published by International Islamic University Malaysia]

Photo Credits: International Islamic University Malaysia

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