Malaysia Inspiration

Malaysia Inspiration
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Color meaning:

Red: High energy and strength

Black: Unfriendly

Light Bulb: Ideas

Jalur Gemilang: We students represent Malaysia

White in words: Efficiency and simplicity, fairness and order.

Aim: To overcome various issues in Malaysia through student’s powerful ideas through mass media

Objective: Inspire students to voice out their ideas in their own style. Voicing out their perspective.

Introduction: Malaysia Inspiration is an idea initiated from Enactus UNIMAS through an inspiration from Ted-ED. Encouraging Malaysian students to voice out their opinions, ideas or nation problems through mass media. Through this, we are able to share what people should be concerning about.

Methods: Simple PowerPoint presentation, Animation, Video, Vlog, Blog, Speech or any application.

Standard Operation Procedure:

Student personal information will be recorded. A Ted-ED account plus YouTube channel will be opened for the registered student. Video or blog will be supervised with the appointed advisor and double-checked before sharing into media. Subtitle in the video must be included. No video or blog has violence, ethnic offenses, religious discrimination, LGBTS discrimination, or any that is inhumane and disrespectful will be shared. If there is such video or had been shared in the accident, we will delete it immediately and share notice of apology. The fund must be approved by advisor if needed.

Any addition in procedure will be announced in public.

Hope we can have cooperation from everyone in UNIMAS. We may be the first to initiate this in Malaysia. This is the change for us to change history.


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