New Joint Venture Set To Boost Tech-Transformation In S’wak

New Joint Venture Set To Boost Tech-Transformation In S’wak
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New joint venture set to boost tech-transformation in S’wak

KUCHING (1 July 2018): Sarawak will see about US$25 million (over RM100 million) in investment following the setting up of Andasar Bhd, a locally-incorporated consortium.

Figure 1: Uzlov with the ‘uprail’ model, featured during a recent exhibition.

The company, a joint venture (JV) between MHN Ventures Sdb Bhd of Sarawak and Adgex Ltd, which is a public-listed company from Australia that is looking into turning Sarawak as its regional base for Asean.

Andasar, through expertise from Adgex, is looking at transferring four of its core technologies here — the ‘Uprail’ high-speed rail transportation system, the ‘Upline’ elevated pipeline system, the ‘greenBLAZE’ waste to energy system, and the ‘energyBrick’ electricity storage system.

According to Adgex managing director Victor Uzlov, Andasar is looking at setting up its base in Sama Jaya Industrial and set up its local manufacturing and fabrication plant there, together with other facilities such as training and local management.

“We look forward to participating and adding value to the creation of economic spin-offs in Sarawak, and assisting the Sarawak government in its vision of transforming itself into the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era,” he said in a statement to The Borneo Post yesterday.

Uzlov said his team of Russian engineers had invented ‘Uprail’ – a light, elevated high-speed rail system that is eco-friendly and affordable in terms of cost per kilometre.

“Its elevated structure and minimal footprint go above the landscape, with minimum interference to local infrastructure and at the same time, it does not require embankments, culverts and massive deforestation.”

Uzlov also expressed his confidence of the ‘Upline’ – an advanced elevated pipeline system designed for transporting liquid and gaseous materials over any terrain and distance.

“It has all the advantages of the ‘Uprail’ system, including low capital and operational expenditures, short design and construction time, as well as having mobile and modular designs, low production and technological risks,” he said.

Meanwhile, Uzlov said the ‘greenBLAZE’, which converts waste into green electric energy, could be mounted on trucks, vessels and railway transportation for relocation from one landfill to another.

Another technology, the energyBrick, is a system that stores and transmits stored energy to end users safely and efficiently.

“It is modular, lightweight and compact; at the same time, it can be used to power up rural or remote villages, schools clinics, and it can be used without the need of another backup generator.

“It is eco-friendly – it does not emit any harmful substance during operation, and is fully automated,” said Uzlov, expressing confidence that the green, advanced and innovative technology by Andasar would contribute greatly to the economic development of Sarawak – and Asean, as a whole.

[Source: “New joint venture set to boost tech-transformation in S’wak” published by BorneoPost Online]

Photo Credits: BorneoPost Online

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