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Sarawak Aerospace Industries

Sarawak Aerospace Industries (SAI) is formed to establish a center of technology in design, development, manufacturing, integration and testing of aerospace systems, modernization and after sales support in East Malaysia region including Brunei, Phillipines, and Indonesia. 

This is in line with Malaysia’s national aspiration and according to MiGHT (Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology), a government-agency under the Prime Minister’s office, the National Aerospace Blueprint 2015-2030 has been developed to make Malaysia the top aerospace nation in South East Asia over the next 15 years.




Human Capital Development

We provide organization transformation, talent management, competency development and performance management.

Project Management

We provide process, discipline, and leadership to break down functional silos, engage stakeholders, and ensure every initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

Actionable Analytics

We provide excellent research that enables people to understand and interpret an increasingly complex world.

Research and Technology

Our community works with commercial and governmental entities of all sizes on research and technology development.

Infrastructure and Facilities Planning

Our capability in functional design and sustainable planning in infrastructure and facilities across different project complexities.

Investor Relations

We provide investors with information they need to explore best option for their investment decisions.

Our Team

Abdul Qaiyum Alidin

Chief Technical officer
resonics consultancy

An aeronautical specialist trained and educated in Italy at Politecnico di Milano. He also attended his professional research and training in Malaysia and Australia. He gained his experience mostly in Engineering Design and Testing for Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical/Electronics, and Oil/Gas industry. He is currently spearheading numbers of development initiatives especially in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Mohd Syafiq

Community and Strategy
startup borneo

A mechanical engineer trained and educated in Malaysia and Australia. He gained his experience in operation and maintenance of power station in Sarawak.

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