Sarawak Green Council Initiative

Sarawak Green Council Initiative
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Sarawak Green Council is a prototype to enhance unity, promote mental and environment awareness in environment organisations, local councils and various fields in education, business, enterprise and many more which are contributing the economy of Malaysia. 

Before this, there are many green councils had briefly established to promote locals joining in. However, there is no response so the green councils remain dormant. Therefore, we plan to focus on Sarawak Green Council first. 

Sarawak Green Council will be the first to apply green and peace concept into the working principle among all local councils throughout Malaysia. The main issue of Sarawak Green Council is lack of manpower, fund, recognition and cooperation from locals. 

What services that Sarawak Green Council are planned to initiate are:

1. Supporting various environment concern initiative or projects.

2. Providing research services to certify products and confirming the quality of the product. 

3. Giving education to promote a sustainable living like gardening, innovation and well-being to the community especially students, farmers and others. 

4. Adviser on industrial development, local enterprise and social development, focusing and promoting proper responsible business. This is to emphasise human rights, and animal rights. 

5.  Having a community of professionals, locals, entrepreneurs, farmers from Sarawak and other states who are passionate for the environment and mental health.

6. Creating positive mindset among the community. 

7. Creating initiative to promote zero-waste lifestyle, less single-use plastics and cleaner environment. Example encourage locals to stop littering, stop smoking and vaping, event waste management etc.  

8. Promoting ways to solve mental issues, negative mindset and attitude. Focusing on positive motivation, meditation, and other free and easy solutions.

9. Spreading awareness on wildlife conservation, and pollution.


Hope Sarawak Green Council can be properly established so we can solve many environmental issues in Sarawak. Becoming the best example in Malaysia toward unity and peace.


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