SDx Studio Ngopi: The Inception Part 1

SDx Studio Ngopi: The Inception Part 1
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SDx Studio made its first move and emerged together with StartUp Borneo and Spativate in a crowdsourcing exercise which gathered insightful and inclusive ideas from community.

The purpose of this event is to engage community by encouraging and educating them to participate in a new kind of concept such as digital technology application and virtual reality so they can gain and contribute creative and innovative ideas and to overcame any challenges or issues from their thoughts.

The event started at 2.30 PM. Representing Serba DigitalX, Abdul Qaiyum Alidin gave a simple briefing on event agenda and the main event coordinated by Seph Haini from Spativate and also Syafiq Suhaimi from Serba Dinamik IT Solutions. The concept of Ngopi Session curated by Spativate and all participants divded into 4 groups with 4 facilitators involved at each 4 active stations. The active stations are comprised of D-Virtual Park, D-Tamu, D-Aren Esports, and also StudioX.

Let’s Ngopi Part 1 was a very rich discussion with latest knowledge and experience sharing which benefited many such as students, agencies, marketers and also from many different professions which mostly having interests in building-up community eco-system and also opportunity to experience first hand experience of D-Virtual Park facility tour. To ensure interests from community, participants had the chance to view a short video about SDx or Serba DigitalX latest development which was reveal at the end of the event.

“This development will contribute to community eco-system itself to boost up the new active lifestyle at Kota Samarahan surrounded with corporate and community engagement “, said Qaiyum after short final reveal on SDx development structure plan to the attendees. Others who also came as participants were from Kolej Komuniti Kuching, SME Corp, UNIMAS students and representative from Sarawak e-Sports Association (SESA) and other agencies.

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