SDX Studio Ngopi: The Inception Part 2 “Sembang Kopi Masa Depan”

SDX Studio Ngopi: The Inception Part 2 “Sembang Kopi Masa Depan”
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KOTA SAMARAHAN, 11 FEB: TERAJU & SMA were invited to join the second event of SDx Studio Ngopi The Inception Part 2 to share on vision and initiatives with Serba DigitalX in Kota Samarahan.

This Ngopi Part 2 is focusing more on sharing insights from distinguished speakers with titled “Talent & Future Workforce”

Distinguished Speaker @ Fireside Chat: “Talent & Future Workforce”

• Prof. Dr. Ir. Al-Khalid Bin Othman, Deputy Chief Scientist of Sarawak Multimedia Authority

• Datuk Hj. Abdul Kadier Sahib, Chairman of Serba Dinamik.

• Dr. Ackiel Mohamed, Senior Vice President at Serba Dinamik.

• Hj Md. Silmi Abd. Rahman, CEO of TERAJU.

• Abdul Qaiyum Alidin, Founder of Startup Borneo.

• Haji Ismail Hj Hashim, Director SME Corp Sarawak.

CEO Teraju, Haji Silmi together with Deputy Chief Scientist from Sarawak Multimedia Authortiy (SMA) , Prof Ir Dr AlKhalid give out the supportive impression and looking forward to assist in the programme initiated by StartUp Borneo and SDx. By tagline empowering community, Spativate positioned themselves together with Serba DigitalX wits by know-how on humanizing space for local eco-system in Kota Samarahan.

TERAJU also announced strong interest to provide some funding opportunity as well as promoting and collaborating StartUp Borneo and Serba DigitalX through the various government bodies in order for more Sarawakian to participate and nurturing more startup entrepreneurs and creators towards smart city future workforce.

Chairman of Serba Dinamik ,Datuk Haji Abdul Kadier said that “ Samarahan is a good place as a hub for community to gather and engage at the same time embracing  the latest technology and development because we have pool of talents, lecturers ,students, and researchers that can contribute to empower society for generations and subsequently putting a mark for Sarawak into the world map”.

According to Abdul Qaiyum Alidin, Chairman of StartUp Borneo, the response since first program at Kota Samarahan Innovation Hub has been very promising and he expects more applications to come in once full-scale of programs and invitations for community is announced.

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