Without opening your wallet, you can raise RM1 for Greenpeace Malaysia

Without opening your wallet, you can raise RM1 for Greenpeace Malaysia
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Last straw for single-use plastics

Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic currently arrive in our oceans, which is equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world.

Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items include plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles and most food packaging and they end up in our oceans and waterways.

We produce roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year and half of it is disposable. Yet, world-wide only 10-13 per cent of plastic items are recycled.

Greenpeace Malaysia is lobbying corporations and governments for a policy banning single-use plastic packaging, but movement has been very slow and opposed by the plastics industry.

Let’s take action on single-use plastics

People living along rivers and coastlines in Southeast Asia and in other communities around the world are affected by plastic pollution, even though they did not create it. Greenpeace wants to ship the plastic monster back to where it came from — multinational corporations based in Europe and North America.

Greenpeace Malaysia needs you to join the campaign to demand these companies reduce their production of single-use plastics which enter our oceans, entangling and killing marine creatures like whales and sea turtles that mistake it for food, and breaking apart into harmful microplastics that cannot be cleaned up.

Unless something is done, it has been predicted there could be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

Turn the tide on single-use plastics

How many dead whales, turtles, and birds do we need to see before we say goodbye and break free from plastic? Greenpeace Malaysia intends to raise awareness on the consequences of single-use plastic for our oceans. The other solution lies in getting companies to take responsibility for the consequences of producing, packaging and selling their products.

We want to get their commitment to use their resources to redesign their packaging and delivery solutions to eventually eliminate single-use packaging.

[Source: “Without opening your wallet, you can raise RM1 for Greenpeace Malaysia” published by ItAllCounts.org]

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